A breath of fresh air for the busy social services manager. This is a book that does a great job of being both practical and well-grounded in the evidence. Lots of take away ideas and plenty of case examples to make day to day work easier. de Groot is a dynamic speaker. That same energy comes through in his book.

Dr. Michael Ungar
Dalhousie University, Halifax Nova Scotia

Responsive Leadership in Human Services: A Practical Approach for Optimizing Engagement and Performance, Sage Publication, 2015.

Written for new and experienced social services managers and supervisors alike, Responsive Leadership in Social Services provides the practical tools, strategies, and insights to inspire, motivate, and engage employees and staff. Along with over 100 strategies and two simple tools—the Key Performance Motivators Scale (KPMS) and the Preferred Leadership Profile (PLP)—a wealth of practice wisdom, scholarship, and evidence-based research is presented to demonstrate the role of effective leadership and how it achieves positive client outcomes.

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Stephen de Groot is to Human Services Leadership, as Gabor Mate is to Addictions. I would rank him as the absolute best trainer I have ever experienced. His Responsive Leadership Conference had a profound impact on me and the staff that attended. We refer to the book regularly and I find our members quoting Steve’s words and the material constantly in conversations. The paradigm shift and impact were immediate; we are making it a part of our culture and the way we practice.

Lisa Graham
Human Resources Manager, Enviros, Calgary Alberta, Canada


Stephen de Groot is an inspiring, empowering, and passionate expert in the field. His work equips educators and administrators with resources to make a difference in the lives of both children and adults – though you’ll likely find his approach changing the way even you live your life.

Lydia Criss Mays
Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Early Childhood Education, GSU, Atlanta Georgia US

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