Stephen de Groot is a Gift! Theoretically, philosophically and practically sound, his messages are powerful and inspiring. Stephen will help you find the best in yourself and offer immediate do-able strategies for enhancing relationships, building brains and developing resilience.

Dr. Jean Clinton
Clinical Professor, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neuroscience, McMaster University, Hamilton Ontario Canada

As the co-founder and President of Brivia Consulting, Stephen holds an impassioned and singular purpose; to make Better the lives of as many people possible, by optimizing human potential and eliminating unnecessary conflict, stress and suffering, at work and in life.

An authority on human behavior, performance, leadership and organizational development Stephen maintains an exceptional track record in achieving results across a variety of business, health and human service sectors. His approach to working with individuals, teams and whole organizations is informed and guided by an extensive and expansive range of philosophical, theoretical, technical and research-based orientations.

Very few people in the world understand human behavior like Stephen de Groot. His capacity to enhance functioning, optimize potential and sustain preferred performance, is unparalleled.

Nothing I have learned in my professional career has been more pivotal than what Steve has taught me.

Gillian Howie
Vice President, National Insurance Operations, Western Financial Group