Inspiring with immediate impact! Stephen de Groot has an undeniable ability, to enhance the lives of everyone who has the opportunity to hear him speak.

Pamela Zorn
Global Executive, NSW Australia

Stephen has maintained a very simple and determined mission his entire life; to make better the lives of as many people possible. He has dedicated his life’s work to optimizing human potential towards the greatest possible outcomes, for everyone.

Steve is past President of Myriad Consulting, author of Responsive Practice and Responsive Leadership and founder of the Getting to Better Initiative.

As an author, international speaker and performance development facilitator Steve, has worked with and learned from more than 50,000 of the most amazing and “challenging” people and, has achieved and exceeded expected outcomes with more than 250 organizations world-wide.

His career as a professor of human behavior combined with extensive practice experience, across a myriad of human service and business sectors, places Steve in a unique league. He is more than a thought leader. His passion for achieving and sustaining positive outcomes, drives his chase to design and develop the most effective, efficient and sustainable people-practices ever.

The Getting to Better Blueprint, the Responsive and CORE practice approaches are a result of Steve’s relentless pursuit to co-construct greater meaning and better for people in every aspect of their lives

Stephen de Groot prides himself on prioritizing and operationalizing the Brivia values of Respect, Relationship, Responsibility and, he absolutely loves getting Results. He has an exceptional track record demonstrating and exceeding amazing outcomes; consistently maximizing meaning, motivation and optimizing human functioning and performance towards good, to great, to miraculous!

What people are saying about Stephen de Groot.

Steve’s work has reached 10s of thousands of people across a myriad of business and human service sectors, around the world.

The following statements offer a glimpse into the impact he and his work have had in the areas of Business Leadership, Human Services Leadership, Organizational Development, Education, Youth Justice, Youth Services, Child Welfare and Parenting.

Business Leadership

Stephen de Groot has maximized my capacity to lead with greater results and enhanced my confidence to manage the most complex situations with an ease that was, at one-time, unimaginable. CORE by far, is the most simple, practical, efficient and transformative approach to professional development that I have ever undertaken!

Annette Warring
CEO Dentsu Aegis Network Canada

There was more value in a one-hour talk with Stephen de Groot than most leadership development programs! His presentations are awesome!

Noel Mattson
VP Engineering, Melet Plastics Inc

de Groot has an ability to navigate the most complex situations, with an ease that is impossible to describe. The feedback we are hearing from the leaders he works with contain words like ‘inspiring’, ‘monumental’, ‘thought-provoking’, incalculable benefits’. It is rare to witness people that have the ability to create that kind of impact.

Alena Han
Senior Consultant, Global Human Resources, Open Text Corporation

Stephen de Groot is one of the most engaging and prolific speakers I have ever seen!

Jeff Vilar
President, NAIDA Communications

Human Services Leadership

The Responsive Leadership session exceeded mine and my team’s expectations! We were given a wealth of practical tools and examples of how to lead/coach and work with our people much better. Steve’s energy and style were so engaging that all members were riveted the entire time. Everyone left the day feeling more self-aware and hopeful that we were better equipped to support our teams and serve our clients.

Mala Sachdeva
Deputy Minister, Manitoba Housing

Responsive Leadership has enhanced our capacity more than any other approach undertaken…de Groot’s approach has improved employee and client outcomes.

Dr. John Colangeli
CEO, Lutherwood, Waterloo Ontario

The total experience with Stephen is beyond words. It is mind blowing! The training and the immediate, positive and profound impacts on staff and staff teams is like nothing I’ve experienced in more than 30 years in the field.

Gail Steeds
Probation Manager, Youth Justice Services, Ottawa, Canada

I have never met anyone more strengths focused in my life. Stephen impacts his participants to impact the people they work with. What I have learned from Stephen makes me want to start my 39 year-career over again.

Deb Fast
CYC & Child Welfare Supervisory Training Coordinator, Winnipeg, Canada

Organizational Development

Stephen’s approach has improved work climate and strengthened our culture! We have enhanced employee engagement immensely and have been able to minimize and even eliminate unnecessary stress and conflict.

Heather Fedy
Director of Human Resources, Lutherwood

Stephen’s training performance was superior to that of other trainers. He has had a significant impact on our staff, including me. I highly recommend Stephen as he will have a positive impact on all staff and organizations overall.

Paul Hoppenbrouwer
Head of Human Resources, YMCA/YWCA, Sydney Australia

Stephen was the best choice for my organization when I needed team building. He brought his knowledge, skills, creativity and flexibility to work with the unique needs and experiences of our diverse team. He kept it safe and provided us with the tools to challenge and stretch ourselves, to build on our strengths to deal most effectively with current and future challenges.

Billie Schibler
Child Advocate, Office of the Children’s Advocate, Winnipeg, Canada


As a High School Principal, Stephen de Groot’s work is a must for any public-school teacher or administrator. In his unique authentic, simple, self-deprecating, experiential, humorous and provoking delivery; Stephen de Groot gets teachers to think inwardly about their teaching practices and educational beliefs. Stephen has an incredible understanding of education that translates exceptionally well in assisting teachers to get to their core values to better assist children and their wellness in a very difficult but rewarding profession.

Doug Taylor
Principal, St. John’s Highschool, Winnipeg Canada

Professional development gets a facelift when learning from Stephen de Groot. Putting children’s strengths and interests first, educational stakeholders will find a voice that echos their own belief in what’s best for children. Beyond this empowering scope of attending to children in the most empowering light, de Groots’ expertise, matched with his humor, will leave you more informed, and with a deeper commitment to, changing the face of education.

Lydia Criss Mays
Ph.D., Assistant Professor GSU, Atlanta Georgia, USA

Stephen’s passion and energy are infectious! He validates our own approach and challenges us to explore new perspectives After 15 years in the education and justice field, Steve’s training opened my eyes and filled my tool belt.

Shawn Quigley
Intervention Specialist, Youth Diversion Program, Kingston Canada

Youth Justice

An amazing learning experience! Demonstrating a wealth of knowledge and skills, there was not a tough realistic scenario that Stephen couldn’t take on. I was excited to get back to work and use the practical tools with my staff! This approach is so simple and it works so well!

Ian Bennett
Manager, Kinark Youth Services, Ontario Canada

Steve has the highest evaluations of any trainer in the Youth Justice sector in the province of Ontario. He leaves an inspiring, motivating and powerful mark on all people he works with. He has helped us take our service to the next level. I highly recommend him, to any province or sector that wants to improve services for youth.

Lucia Lee
Executive Director, Murray McKinnon Foundation, Ontario Canada

This guy was amazing! Nobody has ever challenged my thinking and practice so much in such a short period. This training needs to be mandated to all youth justice professionals at ALL levels from the front line right up to the Ministry level. Thanks for the opportunity to train with Steve de Groot.

Jacob L.
Youth Justice Officer | Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Youth Services

We went across the world to bring Stephen de Groot over. The training and consultation he provided was worth all the effort and then some! This man is brilliant! He has made a huge impact on how we deliver services for the youth in our region.

Neil Davies
Supervisor, Burdekin Youth Services, NSW Australia

I have never attended a training where participants were more engaged, or even thrilled to be there. Stephen could point out how we might see successes and build them. Stephen’s approach and the tools he has provided are having a positive impact on my professional relationship and my work overall.

Colin Stokes
Health Projects Coordinator, y-Foundations, NSW Australia

The RBSA approach ranks among the best in the field. Steve’s training and consultation has had a profound and lasting impact on our program. The approach to Life Planning led to increases in preferred youth outcomes that were immediate and measurable.

Dave Kuhl
Executive Director, Kisewatisiwin Program, Macdonald Youth Services, Winnipeg Canada

Child Welfare

I strongly believe that Steve’s training has the capacity to fundamentally change your professional practice. Observing many of his trainings, I have always left inspired with a variety of practical tools and strategies; excited and energized to get back work.

Barbara Howe
Manager, CFS of Western Manitoba, Brandon Canada

Stephen is passionate, engaging, knowledgeable and skilled. He delivers great information and tools, but more importantly he delivers life! I highly recommend his training for people that are responsible for the well-being of children and youth.

Billie Schibler
CEO Metis Authority Child Welfare, Manitoba Canada

This training should be mandatory for all people who work in the field of child welfare – from the executives to the frontline support workers. Steve’s passion is evident and his material concrete and DOABLE!

Lorne S.
Social Worker, Calgary Alberta Canada


I was a skeptic, having been involved in many courses and associations, etc. that failed to help in any way. I found this program to be a valuable and realistic tool to improve my relationship with my children. Steve’s knowledge, experience and presentation of the G2B workshop gave me hope that there are solutions to my personal situation.

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Thank you so much! Beyond all the insights and practical tools you gave me, this course gave me HOPE! I feel like it’s not too late to save my relationship with my son.

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Halfway through the day I felt excited to go home and see my kids! At the end of the day I was rejuvenated, equipped and empowered. I can’t wait to try out all the great information and tools. Thank you!

Brandon, Manitoba, Canada

While “geared” towards youth relationships, I think this workshop is incredibly and equally valuable for all of our relationships! Thanks for everything!

Thompson, Manitoba, Canada

I wish I knew about this course years ago! It should be mandatory for all parents. My life would have been so much better with my older kids. It’s not too late, because I have two more still at home. Thanks for a second chance!

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada