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Where Leaders Can Go as Fast, and as Far as They Need! 

The development of quality leadership is more critical than ever, because nothing impacts the experiences of employees and company results more than leaders do.  

Brivia has developed a variety of products and services that provide the greatest meaning, value and immediate impact, regardless of a leader’s experience, their level of development and/or the unique challenges they may face. 


The CORE Leader Score (CLS) 


Because leadership matters most; it should be measured, developed and supported in the most accurate, effective and efficient way possible.  

The CORE Leader Score (CLS) is simple and powerful; a strengths-based and values- centered tool for assessing and developing quality leadership ability. 

In a world where time and money are tighter than ever, companies need a fully automated individualized leadership development process. The CORE Leader Score is just that. 

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The CORE Leader Score Plus (CLS+) 

The CORE Leader Score Plus (CLS+) offers real-time, accurate and data-driven insights, that can be immediately actioned, to improve leadership quality and employee engagement simultaneously.  

The CLScombines the potencies of The CORE Leader Score (CLS) with Brivia’s M3 approach to meaning-measurement. 

The CLStakes the original CLS to the next level by giving leaders and their organizations insight into the most meaningful aspects of the employee’s work, their team and the organization overall. 

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The CORE Foundations for Leaders – eLearning

We have formulated the simplest, yet most profound perspective on human behavior and optimal functioning and, we’ve made it available to all leaders and aspiring leaders everywhere! 

This inspiring and practical eLearning program offers leaders at every level the opportunity to understand and activate the transformative potential of CORE Foundations; Keys to maximizing meaning, motivation and optimal performance.

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CORE Communication

CORE Communication is the most innovative approach for meaningful connection and advanced interpersonal communication, we have ever developed.

This in-person program is inspiring, highly interactive and skills-oriented. CORE Communication equips leaders at every level, with a tested and validated approach to interpersonal leader-communication that is portable, adaptable and immediately impactful in all scenarios.

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If you’re looking to take your ability to eliminate difficult discussions and approach conflict and critical conversations with an ease that most people consider unimaginable, then look no further. 

Advanced CORE Communication was developed and designed to take ALL leaders, even the great ones, to better.

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CORE Leader Compass 

Leaders need to navigate and negotiate the fast-paced and ever-changing landscape of people and business; for this a compass is essential. 

Greater performance and results are achieved when the leader’s compass is built around relationships, values and strengths and is intentionally set in the direction of company vision, mission and values. 

The CORE Leader Compass program offers all leaders, simple, practical and transformational tools to develop leadership capacity towards greater quality and maximum results.

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Quality leadership is about positively influencing the attitudes and behaviors of others, to achieve and exceed results. The greatest leaders have the greatest influence. 

CORE Influence equips leaders with the capacity to influence individuals and teams towards maximized motivation, enhanced engagement and higher performance. 

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CORE Fusion – Executive Leadership Team Building

At Brivia, we don’t just strengthen leadership teams; we FUSE them! 

Team cohesion and optimized capacity are essential for leaders and organizations looking to exceed desired results and outperform their competitors.  

Our approach to leadership team building is tailor-made and built to fuel and fortify leadership teams looking for greater communication, cohesiveness, alignment and synchronicity in their pursuit to go farther, faster.

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Speaking and Keynotes

Whether you’re looking to inspire your leaders or want to support, reinforce and activate key ideas, values and strategies, look no further. 

Brivia’s philosophy is simple; make it relevant, inspiring, impactful and immediately operational. We love inspiring others, but more importantly, ensuring that leader-inspiration leads to action.  

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