The Responsive Leader – Build Your Own Program

Based on the highly acclaimed Sage Publication, Responsive Leadership in Social Services (de Groot 2015), all programs and curricula are designed to offer proven and practical strategies for enhancing employee motivation, engagement and overall performance, towards preferred outcomes for clients. 

“Responsive Leadership has enhanced our capacity more than any other approach undertaken…de Groot’s approach has improved employee and client outcomes.”

– Dr. John Colangeli, CEO, Lutherwood, Waterloo Ontario

We have a track record in the design, development and facilitation of leadership programs that are simple, practical and immediately impactful. 

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Responsive Leadership Modules and Program Possibilities 

Module 1 – Responsive Leadership Overview and Guiding Priorities
Module 2 – Communication Strategies for Enhancing Employee Performance
Module 3 – Working from the Preferred Leadership Profile (PLP)
Module 4 – Mobilizing Mission, Vision and Values to Enhance Employee and Client Outcomes
Module 5 – Strengths Focussed Responsive Leadership Strategies
Module 6 – Approaching and Eliminating Employee Opposition and Resistance
Module 7 – KOPE and Leading Through Change
Module 8 – The Great E.Q.-ualizer – Strategies for Empathy and Self-Regulation
Module 9 – From Values to Leadership Action
Module 10 – Buy-in, Accountability and Leader influence
Module 11 – Responsive Performance Development
Module 12 – Constructive Conflict and Confident Conversations
Module 13 – Becoming Responsive – Creating Conditions for Success
Module 14 – Creating a Responsive Culture: The Leader’s Role
Module 15 – The Responsive Path to Greater Leadership

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