Advanced Responsive Communication

All conversations and interactions are important; however, many leadership situations warrant a higher level of competence and greater confidence.  

This advanced program was developed for this very reason; it takes Responsive Communication skill development to the next level. 

Advanced Responsive Communication was designed for ALL leaders, looking to eliminate difficult discussions and approach conflict and critical conversations with an ease that most people consider unimaginable.  

Participants are supported through intensive practice integration, with emphasis and sharp focus on many common and challenging leadership scenarios. 

Learning Objectives & Outcomes 

Building on the knowledge and key strategies offered in Responsive Communication, participants will learn how to: 

  • Integrate Responsive strategies in real and relevant practice scenarios; 
  • Develop positive and productive performance conversations; 
  • Effectively set, manage and re-set client/employee expectations;
  • Practice self-regulation techniques for difficult situations; 
  • Make ALL feedback meaningful and helpful; 
  • Identify and effectively respond to incongruent and inconsistent behavior; 
  • Understand and effectively approach “Resistant” and “Oppositional” people/situations; 
  • Decrease the level of difficulty in scenarios requiring discipline;  
  • Deal effectively with hostile and/or aggressive employees/clients;
  • Apply a step-by-step framework for confident and constructive conflict. 

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