Speaking and Keynotes

We have been trusted to present for 100s of corporate and human service organizations; to 1000s of people and teams around the world.  

Whether a brief and powerful speech, or a keynote required to launch a full-scale initiative, Brivia aims to give you tools and strategies, so that inspiration can be activated and lived well beyond the keynote address.  

We have a great track-record for designing and facilitating speaking engagements and keynotes that are exceptionally inspiring and powerful.  

Some popular and past keynote topics include: 

  • Re-constructing the greatest work experience ever. 
  • Once Upon a Time, We All Ran to Work Excited. 
  • Getting to Better: Keys to Self-Sustained Motivation. 
  • Beating Burnout: Strategies for Individual and Team Resilience 
  • Solving the Mystery of Motivation. 
  • What the Well? Self-Discovery and Better Wellness. 
  • Got Strengths? Strategies for Optimizing Team Performance. 
  • Meaning, Motivation and Mental Wellness. 
  • The Truth About Trust and Our Role Building It. 
  • No News is Not Good News: Feedback and Impact. 
  • Putting “Open” in Open Door Policy. 
  • Trust it’s Everything: How to Build and Keep it. 

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