M3 Employee Experience Measurement Tool

What is the M3?  

The M3, also known as Most Meaningful Measures, is a simple yet innovative tool for learning about the most important and valuable qualities of the employee experience. It identifies meaning by measuring the most meaningful aspects of their work, their team and the organization overall.     

What makes the M3 different?  

Meaning Drives Engagement 

The true source of engagement originates from very specific items and employee experiences. It is meaning and a meaningful experience that form the most potent force, driving motivation, engagement and optimal human performance.   

The M3 is not your average employee engagement survey. It cuts through the noise, of engagement, happiness, satisfaction and all the other “stuff” we call it, to zero in on meaning, the heart of the employee experience.   

The M3 equips managers and their organizations with precise data on meaning-measures and, offers guidance for taking immediate action to make work and the experience of work, more meaningful for individuals, teams and everyone in the organization.   

Key Features Include:  

·       Measures Meaning to Improve Engagement   

The M3 measures the most meaningful aspects of the employee’s experience, as it relates to their work, their team, their leader and their organization.  The M3 tunes into the employee’s experience to accurately assess where, when and why employees are engaged most in their work.  

·       Results are Actionable  

The M3 offers detailed insight into the highest and lowest meaning areas and, provides specified data on Meaning Maximizers necessary for boosting meaning and meaningful experiences for employees, managers and their teams.  

·       Assessment and Development   

In addition to assessing meaningful employee experiences, the M3 offers leaders a manager discussion guide for understanding, planning and improving meaningful employee experiences and overall engagement.  

·       Quick and Cost-Effective  

The M3 Takes very little time to complete and provides a comprehensive report that can be interpreted and activated immediately. 

How does the M3 work?   

All employees and their managers are provided communication on the purpose, process and important payoffs of the M3 and offered a direct link to complete the questionnaire. The survey is simple, confidential and requires less than 10 minutes to complete.   

Participants are asked to identify and rate various aspects of their work-experience, where they find greatest meaning.  Survey participants are also asked to identify specific factors that, they believe would boost the level of meaning and meaningful experiences while at work.   

The M3 Report   

Once employees have completed the survey, an M3 report is compiled and delivered to the organization’s leaders and their teams. The M3 report and the insights offered are vital for helping managers and their team members understand and improve meaning, motivation, engagement and overall performance, for everyone.  

The M3 report provides a thorough overview of Meaning Domain scores and a set of prioritized Meaning Maximizers, for boosting meaning and meaningful work experiences.    

Manager Discussion Guide and Leader Support  

All M3 Reports are accompanied with a Manager Discussion Guide, designed to provide managers and their teams with an easy-to use framework for facilitated discussion of the M3 results and insights.  The Manager Discussion Guide also provides a step-by-step process for facilitating and developing an action plan to increase meaningful work experiences for everyone.   

Who Should Use the M3?  

Organizations who are serious about improving engagement, performance and preferred results.  

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