Organizational Compass and Culture Development

Our approach to culture development is unlike any other available. Meaning is the most powerful source of motivation, so we help organizations build a compass that fully integrates the Vision, Mission, Values and Strategic Plan.  

The four points of the compass provide a framework by which a coveted culture can be built; it sets the stage and provides navigation for connecting, directing and driving people development, practice performance and service delivery towards best possible outcomes.  

Organizational Compass Development Session Topics: 

  • Define, Design, Develop & Deliver; 
  • Defining the Culture, We Want; 
  • Connecting Compass Points – CORE 4: 
    • Vision, 
    • Mission, 
    • Values, 
    • Strategic Plan.           
  • Vision – Going Where We Want to Go; 
  • Mission Possible – Development 
    • Who we are. 
    • What we do. 
    • Why we do it. 
    • Who we do it for. 
    • What makes us different. 
    • What makes us great. 
  • The Power of Values; 
  • From Inspiration to Quality Practice; 
  • Strategy Alignment; 
  • Compass Lock and Launch.  

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