Organizational Compass Activation

The company compass (Vision, Mission, Values and Strategy) is the primary unit of navigation and serves as the most powerful source of meaning, motivation, engagement and culture.  

We have a great track record helping organizations sharpen their company compass so that it can be elevated, activated and operationalized to enhance and sustain the most meaningful and preferred culture possible.  

Compass Activation Topics: 

  • Company Compass and Culture; 
  • The Leader’s Role – Culture Champion; 
  • Review Compass Points; 
    • Initiate Compass Activation Steps; 
    • Know the Compass. 
    • Understand and Operationalize Key Values. 
    • Understand CORE 4 Sources of Meaning 
  • Utilize Compass to Communicate Accountability Equation. 
  • Identify Most Critical Moments (MCM) – Immediate Activation; 
  • CORE Communication Basics; 
  • Identify Culture Performance Indicators (CPI) for Success 
  • Initiate Activation Road Map 
    • Identify Practice Processes to Reset and Renegotiate 
    • Identify Service Processes to Reset and Renegotiate 
    • Identify Performance Processes to Reset and Renegotiate 
  • Develop Culture Support Plan 

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