The Core Leader Score Plus (CLS+) 

We know that leadership is the greatest mechanism available for enhancing employee engagement. Quality leadership, as perceived by employees, positively impacts engagement, culture, and conversion on greatest results.

However, there are other important factors outside of leadership that have a direct impact on employee engagement, motivation and overall performance. When an employees’ work holds meaning and/or when. employees have a meaningful experience with important aspects of the work, the team and the overall company, they are highly engaged and perform optimally.

It was for these reasons that the CLS+ was developed. It combines the potencies of The CORE Leader Score (CLS) with Brivia’s M3 approach to meaning-measurement. It was developed to accurately assess and report on a comprehensive understanding of the most meaningful aspects of the employees’ experience.

The CLS+ offers real-time, accurate and data-driven insights, that can be immediately actioned, to improve leadership quality and employee engagement simultaneously. 

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