CORE Leader Compass РVirtual or In-Person  

We know that quality leadership has a positive and profound impact on everything; effective communication, employee commitment, great culture and subsequently conversion on better results.  

Built for new and mid-level managers, the CORE Leader Compass has been designed and developed from the framework, of what thousands of employees refer to as, The Greatest Leadership Experience Ever; specified behavioral qualities with proven links to improved engagement and optimal performance outcomes.  

The program builds on CORE Foundations and fully integrates the potency of the CORE Communication module, throughout. 

This inspiring and highly practical course was developed to equip and empower leaders with a CORE Leader Compass; a map and practical set of strategies to ground and guide greater leadership quality, in every choice and interaction. 

The Compass program places great emphasis and practice on leader-purpose; self-awareness; the power of quality relationships; the anatomy of greatest leadership; the operationalization of trust and Integrity and; continuous improvement of leadership impact. 

Learning Objectives & Outcomes  

Building on and integrating knowledge and strategies from CORE Foundations and the CORE Communication modules, CORE Leader Compass participants will: 

  • Connect with their own leader-purpose; 
  • Initiate construction of an individualized CORE Leader Compass; 
  • Learn about and identify the anatomy of Greatest Leadership; 
  • Identify and mobilize the 5 Pillars (Respect, Empathy, Integrity, Supportiveness, Performance) of Great Leadership Practice; 
  • Review CORE Foundations and CORE 4 (Needs, Values, Goals, Strengths) 
  • Discuss the importance of self-awareness; Leader-Intent vs. Leader-Impact; 
  • Align and synchronize their CORE Leader Compass with Great Leadership; 
  • Learn to effectively and positively leverage the power of relationship; 
  • Review practice strategies to develop and strengthen trust behaviors; 
  • Practice CORE Communication techniques in the context of CORE Compass scenarios; 
  • Engage in a series of exercises, role-plays to activate the Leader Compass to create a Great Leadership Experience in every interaction and;  
  • Construct an individualized leader development plan for knowledge and skill sustainability. 

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