CORE Influence – Virtual or In-Person

Welcome to CORE Influence; a powerful and immediately impactful program that was constructed around the belief that, ALL leaders can positively influence the character, development or behavior of anyone, in any situation. 

Developed for mid-level, senior and executive level leaders, this program takes leadership capacity to the next level. CORE Influence equips leaders with the ability to positively influence individuals and teams towards activating and sustaining greater collaboration, enhanced engagement and higher performance. 

CORE influence integrates and leverages the knowledge of CORE Foundations as well as the potent tools and strategies of the CORE Communication and Compass modules. 

CORE influence offers a comprehensive skill set, to leaders so that they may execute positive and preferred influence at every employee and leadership level, thereby simultaneously supporting and reinforcing company vision, mission and values and sustaining great culture. 

Learning Objectives & Outcomes  

Building on and integrating knowledge and strategies from CORE Leader Compass and CORE Communication modules, CORE Influence participants will:  

  • Learn about and connect with challenges to motivating/influencing individuals and teams; 
  • Discuss the concept of influence; 
  • Review and dissect the elements of a Greatest Work Experience; 
  • Learn about the 3 Great States for optimal performance; 
  • Examine and apply CORE 4: Sources of meaning and motivation; 
  • Learn about the power of values as a source of influence; 
  • In scenarios and real situations, learn how to bring company values to life, to influence higher performance and reinforce great culture; 
  • Review and practice the CORE Communication, meaning-making approach as a source of influence; 
  • Practice strengths-based communication and strategies for influence and enhancing greater performance; 
  • Understand and review key strategies for learning people’s motivators; 
  • Learn key strategies for attaining buy-in and accountability; 
  • Review and integrate the CORE Sphere of influence to influence all people, in all situations and; 
  • Construct an individualized leader development plan for knowledge and skill sustainability. 

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