CORE Fusion – Leadership Team Building

Brivia takes an approach to senior and executive level team building, developed for teams determined to take their collaborative performance, to the highest level possible.  

This is not the trust-fall and high-ropes course your parents and predecessors did! 

Every leadership team and their respective landscapes are unique; therefore, they require a relevant and real approach to team building that offers great meaning, is engaging and drives the most value for all members, the team and the organization overall.  

Brivia engages teams exactly where they’re at and, holds an impeccable track record in designing and developing team building experiences that deliver on the unique needs, values, goals and strengths of each leadership group.  

The following is a small sample of key areas that can be covered: 

  • Set the Stage – Connect Teambuilding Goals with Business and Preferred Outcomes; 
  • Getting to Better: Relationships Strengthening; 
  • CORE Communication Basics; 
  • Strategies for Maximizing Meaning and Motivation; 
  • Company Compass Activation, using Vision, Mission, Values and Strategy; 
  • Development of Leadership Team Charter; 
  • Reset and Renegotiate: “The Leadership Team We Want to Be”: 
  • Values Led Leadership: Bringing the Company Values to Life; 
  • Positive and Productive Conversation Development; 
  • Strategies for Productive Problem-Solving and:  
  • Plotting The Path Forward: Integration and Sustainability 

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