Team Building

Whether you’re a new team, a team with new people or, you’re on a team that is experiencing new challenges or conflict, we have something special for you. 

Our objective; to provide you with engaging, fun, inspiring, thought provoking and exceptionally productive team capacity building initiatives that demonstrate true results.  

Brivia offers a values-centered and strengths-based approach to team capacity building in the areas of personal and professional relationships, communication, collaboration, accountability, team cohesion, performance, effectiveness and culture.   

We work with you to develop relevant and real value; team-centered experiences that are the most meaningful for individuals, teams and their companies.  

Some popular team-building topics include; 

  • From Conflict to Confident Collaborations. 
  • How to Become a Strengths-Focused Team Every day. 
  • Constructing the Greatest Team Ever.
  • The Truth about Trust: How to Build it – How to Keep it.  
  • Moving from the Team We Got, to the Team We Want. 
  • Getting to Better: Building a Team Charter. 
  • Building and Sustaining a Team of Resilience. 
  • From the Wall to Practice: Living Company Vision and Values. 
  • Team Dynamics – Building Stronger Teams.  
  • Distance and Diversity: Strengthening Global Teams & Culture. 

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