A Better Way to
Elevate People & Performance

If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, you have a problem that requires immediate attention!

Are you worried employees are holding back their best?
Are you concerned about the mental health of your employees?
Are you concerned with employee turnover?
Are your employees at risk of burning out?
Is employee absenteeism at an unacceptable level?


Activates Potential and
Elevates Performance

Simplified approach
Accurate understanding of the employee experience
Access and activate potential in your people
Action plan to guide success
Sustain higher performance
Working with Brivia has offered our hospital an oasis of calm and connection during the COVID-19 pandemic. We have become more effective and efficient as a team and have cultivated greater capacity for creating an environment where our people feel heard, understood, and that they are valued for the work they do.
Brenda BadiukPresident/COO
Seven Oaks General Hospital


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To do this, we need to know the truth about what is driving engagement and performance. The reality is we don’t know and the tools available to this point, have not brought us any closer. That’s why we created the M3, to help organizations gain clarity and activate the potential of their people.

The M3 measures meaning, the true source of motivation, engagement and performance. Schedule a call now to get unstuck and improve performance immediately!
Is your current approach to engagement really improving the well-being of your people and their performance?
We designed the M3 to measure meaning, which is the true source of engagement. Meaning is the key to unlocking the potential of your people and improving performance.
Is the process complicated?
It is actually quite simple, we just look at things differently. Simply put, we cut through the noise and get to meaning, which is the heart of engagement.
What happens if it doesn’t improve our performance?
Based on 25 years of experience, these methods have proven to be effective across all organizations.
Imagine More Meaning at Work Now!

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