Culture has the power to influence, shape and sustain preferred behavior and optimal performance towards the best outcomes. Great culture does not happen by accident; it must be intentional.  

Whether you’re a company of 3 or 30 000 people, Brivia has the expertise, tools and process to develop, support and strengthen the great culture you want; the culture you and your people are striving for. 

Culture Assessment  

Great cultures are only possible with the consistent structure and operationalization of two important mechanisms; a set of guiding values in practice and, a common language.  

Brivia helps companies determine if they have or, are on their way to developing the great culture they want, by assessing what they’re doing well. We help identify the key variables that are missing or require development to strengthen and sustain a culture that connects, directs and protects both people and profits.  

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Company Compass & Culture Development

You wouldn’t go out to sea without a compass, so why would you go into business without one. We help organizations build a solid company compass so they can navigate and negotiate the fast-pace and ever-changing nature of people and business. 

The company compass is more than a navigational tool; it is the key to building and fortifying great culture. 

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Company Compass Activation 

We believe that company communication, employee commitment and culture are inextricably linked and that, by activating the company compass you will enhance all three areas simultaneously and convert on greater results.  

We have developed a structure and process for culture enhancement; designed and developed in a way that supports leaders and their organizations to activate the company compass, by bringing it to life; in every behaviour and every interaction.  

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Great Culture through Leader Development  

The best way to strengthen and sustain great culture is through the development and support of your leaders. No other mechanism has the capacity to positively influence and shape the behavior of others, more than your leaders do! 

Give your leaders the gift of influence, to develop great culture. 

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Team Building  

Better Teams. Better Culture. Better Results. 

Teams function as a microcosm of the company and, they operate as an important catalyst for great culture. We love working with teams and their companies from the “inside out”; to support and strengthen preferred practice, people and business processes and team performance.  

Team Building is designed and developed to align with an organization’s Vision, Mission and Values and, developed to synchronize all individual and team efforts towards sustaining great culture, and of course, all the great things that come with it.  

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Speaking and Keynotes 

Whether you’re looking to inspire your people or, want to support, reinforce and activate key ideas, values and culture-focussed strategies, look no further! 

Brivia’s philosophy is simple; make it relevant, inspiring, impactful and immediately operational. We love inspiring others, but more importantly, ensuring that inspiration leads to action. 

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