The CORE Foundations for Leaders – eLearning

This inspiring and practical program was developed for leaders and aspiring leaders at every level, across all sectors.  

Designed as an introduction to all CORE Leader and Responsive Leadership programs, this course has also demonstrated utility as a powerful and immediately impactful stand-alone program for all leaders.  

It was developed to support all managers, regardless of their formal training and/or unique approach to leadership. 

Brief yet transformative, CORE Foundations offers participants a detailed examination of the simplest, yet most profound perspective on human behavior and optimal functioning.  

The program provides participants with insight and practical strategies for maximizing motivation and performance, both at work and in life; for themselves and for the individuals and teams they are responsible for. 

Learning Objectives & Outcomes 

To enhance optimal leader quality and effectiveness, CORE Foundations participants will: 

  • Connect with their own leader purpose and preferred outcomes; 
  • Make the link between quality leadership, motivation, engagement and results; 
  • Fact check the current costs and poor state of employee engagement and most leadership development programs; 
  • Review the common challenges facing all leaders and aspiring leaders today; 
  • Reflect on and reconstruct the Greatest Leadership Experience ever;  
  • Learn about The Three Great States; CORE Foundations for optimal human performance; 
  • Uncover CORE 4; the Key Sources of Human Meaning and Motivation; 
  • Review key strategies for accessing motivation factors; 
  • Learn about and utilize tried & true techniques for enhancing engagement & motivation;  
  • Learn how to effectively utilize CORE Foundations at work and in life. 

E-Learning Format  

We understand that time and energy are non-renewable and that today, all managers are expected to do more with less.  

These are the reasons why; we have made this program available and affordable, for everyone.

Course Design 

  • Independent Self-Study 
  • Various Learning Formats 
  • Research and Literature Based 
  • Knowledge Testing  
  • Personal and Professional Reflections 
  • Relevant and Real Case Scenarios 
  • Knowledge & Experience Integration 
  • Variety of Learning Formats (Text, Illustrations, Video, Multiple Choice, Short & Long-Answer) 
  • Printable Activities and Reflections 
  • Full Course Summary and Action Sheet 
  • PC, Tablet and Mobile Friendly from Anywhere