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Simple and Practical with Immediate Impact 

Brivia is determined to elevate the leadership effectiveness and quality of all leaders., regardless of their experience, their level of development and/or the unique challenges they may face. 

Based on the highly acclaimed Sage Publication, Responsive Leadership in Social Services (de Groot 2015), all Responsive Leadership programs and curricula are designed to offer proven and practical strategies for enhancing employee motivation, engagement and overall performance, towards preferred outcomes for clients.  


The Responsive Leader Score (RLS)


Leadership matters most. Because it impacts both employee and client outcomes, it should be measured, developed and supported in the most accurate, effective and efficient way possible.  

The Responsive Leader Score (RLS) is simple and powerful; a strengths-based and values- centered tool for assessing and developing quality leadership ability. 

In a world where time and money are tighter than ever, organizations need a fully automated individualized leadership development process.

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The Responsive Leader Score Plus (RLS+) 

The Responsive Leader Score Plus (RLS+) offers real-time, accurate and data-driven insights, that can be immediately actioned, to improve leadership quality and employee engagement simultaneously.  

The RLScombines the potencies of The Responsive Leader Score (RLS) with Brivia’s M3 approach to meaning-measurement. 

The RLStakes the original RLS to the next level by giving leaders and their organizations insight into the most meaningful aspects of the employee’s work, their team and the organization overall. 

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Connecting in Crisis for Health Leaders – Live Online or In-Person

This program was built to equip leaders at all levels with the knowledge and skill to cut through the chaos and connect with the experiences and needs of their people. 

The proven strategies offered will bolster leader responsiveness to strengthen individual and team capacity and resilience, not just to survive, but to thrive well beyond the COVID crisis. 

This workshop provides leaders with the most effective and efficient strategies, that can be activated immediately to elevate calm, connection, communication and collaborative practice.

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The CORE Foundations for Leaders – eLearning or Training   

CORE Foundations for Leaders was developed for all leaders across human services. 

Simple, practical and immediately impactful CORE Foundations provides participants with insight and strategies for maximizing motivation and performance, both at work and in life; for themselves and for the individuals and teams they are responsible for. 

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Responsive Communication – Training 

Responsive Communication is the most holistic, values-led, human-centered and strengths-based leadership communication framework we’ve ever developed. 

This program lives up to true parallel practice and is perfectly aligned with how we expect all human service employees and front-line practitioners to work with clients and with each other. 

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Advanced Responsive Communication –  Training 

If you’re looking to take your ability to eliminate difficult discussions and approach conflict and critical conversations with an ease that most people consider unimaginable, then look no further. 

Advanced Responsive Communication was developed and designed to take ALL leaders, even the great ones, to better. 

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The Responsive Leader –  Build Your Own Program

If you would like to create a unique Responsive Leader Development experience for the leaders in your organization, check out the amazing module and program topics.

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speaking and Keynotes

Whether you’re looking to inspire your leaders or, want to support, reinforce and activate leader-focussed development and strategy, look no further.

Brivia’s philosophy is simple; make it relevant, inspiring, impactful and immediately operational. We love inspiring others, but more importantly, ensuring that leader-inspiration leads to action. 

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