Call it what you want, but a rose by any other name is still a rose. Employee morale, satisfaction, commitment, happiness and now engagement; everyone’s been chasing this elusive phenomenon for decades. 

Brivia’s approach to engagement cuts through the noise and zeroes in on the true sources of meaning and motivation to, activate greater engagement and higher practice performance. 

M3. – Employee Experience Measurement Tool 

This innovative tool offers organizations and their leaders a clear picture of the employee experience across teams, departments and the entire company.  

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M3+ – the ultimate Employee Experience Measure 

The M3+, builds on and extends the innovative potency of Brivia Consulting’s M3 engagement tool. It offers managers and their organizations detailed insights and action-steps to improve the most potent engagement mechanism of them all; leadership capacity.

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Responsive Communication – Training 

Responsive Communication is the most holistic, values-led, human-centered and strengths-based communication framework that can be used with everyone, everywhere! 

The program is key to maximizing individual and team engagement towards greater performance and better client outcomes.  

Simple, yet profound, Responsive Communication is perfectly aligned with how we expect all human service employees and front-line practitioners to work; with their clients and with each other.  

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Team Building  

Better Teams = Better Outcomes for Everyone.  

Whether you’re looking to enhance relationships, strengthen teams, reinforce preferred practice, processes, organizational dimensions or dynamics, Brivia will develop an experience that accommodates the diverse and unique needs, goals, and priorities of your team. 

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Speaking and Keynotes 

Whether you’re looking to inspire your people or, want to support, reinforce and activate key ideas, values and strategies, look no further! 

Brivia’s philosophy is simple; make it relevant, inspiring, impactful and immediately operational. We love inspiring others, but more importantly, ensuring that inspiration leads to action. 

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