Beating Burnout in Health and Human Services

Leader Solutions for Improving Meaning, Motivation and Mental Health

This as an absolute must for all Human Service Supervisors and Managers!

Diane Irwin, Executive Director, Youth Justice, Ontario Canada

The Problem

A Disengagement & Burnout Epidemic

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) disengagement and burnout have reached epidemic proportions. Health and human service providers are exhausted and overwhelmed. Despite best efforts, they are not able to practice in a manner or achieve outcomes they desire.

Managers operate as the #1 resource for employee and team support. However, they are not super-human and, are also experiencing higher levels of physical, mental and emotional fatigue.

The burnout epidemic is here. “Working wounded” will continue to have dire consequences for the health and well-being of employees and managers alike and; will ultimately result in detrimental outcomes for the clients and patients being served.

The Solution

Leader Development & Team Building without Work-Flow Disruption

Building on 20 years of leadership development success, across health and human services around the world, Stephen de Groot (Responsive Leadership, 2016) and the Brivia Team have constructed a set of manager-strategies that require minimal input, and deliver immediate and maximum impact for managers and their employees.

Designed to provide leaders with simple and practical tools to elevate employee meaning, motivation and practice- performance, it is the most affordable and effective ofering available.

This solution takes little time, does not disrupt the work and can be completed from anywhere.

Solution Pricing

CORE Foundations eLearning –On the Job Practice Tools – Live, Online Coaching

$349.99 Per Participant!
* Cost is set for teams and/or groups of 5 or more participants. Does not include applicable taxes.

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What is the Solution?

The solution consists of 3 modules, packed with simple and practical leader strategies; offered though a blended learning approach, combined with group coaching and practice-integration support.

The Modules are:

  • CORE Foundations for Responsive Leadership – eLearning
  • The Key Performance Motivator Scale (KPMS) and Discussion Guide
  • Live, Online Coaching Support for Practice and Integration

How does it work?

A simple 4-Step process, requires little time and can be completed from anywhere.

STEP 1 – CORE Foundations eLearning

Complete the CORE Foundations eLearning, from anywhere, at your own pace.
Time Requirement: Approximately 75 minutes.

STEP 2 – Key Performance Motivator Scale (KPMS) and Discussion Guide

a) Complete a KPMS self-assessment and review the Discussion Guide.
Time Requirement: Approximately 20 minutes.

b) Employ KPMS with one or more employees.
Time Requirement: Approximately 90 minutes.

STEP 3 – Prepare Questions for Discussion

Independently and at your own pace, develop and submit questions re: CORE Foundations and KPMS, for discussion during coaching session.
Time Requirement: Approximately 15 minutes.

STEP 4 – Live, Online Group Coaching Session

Facilitated by a Certified Responsive Leadership Coach, this interactive session provides opportunity for solution-support and practice integration, from anywhere.
Time Requirement: 90 minutes.

Beating Burnout: Module Descriptions

Module 1: CORE Foundations for Responsive Leadership – eLearning

This module was developed to support all leaders, regardless of their formal training and/or unique approach to leadership.

The presentation provides managers with insight and practical strategies for maximizing motivation and performance, both at work and in life.

To enhance leader quality and effectiveness, CORE Foundations participants will:

  • Make the link between quality leadership, motivation, engagement and results;
  • Review the common challenges facing all leaders and aspiring leaders;
  • Reflect on and reconstruct your own Greatest Leadership Experience ever;
  • Learn about The Three Great States; CORE Foundations for optimal human performance;
  • Uncover CORE 4; Key Sources of Human Meaning and Motivation;
  • Review key strategies for accessing motivation factors;
  • Learn about and utilize tried & true techniques for enhancing engagement & motivation and;
  • Learn how to effectively utilize CORE Foundations at work and in life.

E-Learning Format
Course Design:

  • Independent Self-Study
  • Various Learning Formats
    • Text, Illustrations, Video, Multiple, Short, Long-Answer and Case-Related Questions
    • Research and Literature Based
    • Knowledge Testing
    • Personal and Professional Reflections
    • Relevant and Real Case Scenarios
    • Knowledge & Experience Integration
  • Printable Activities and Reflections
  • Full Course Summary and Action Sheet
  • PC, Tablet and Mobile Friendly from Anywhere

Module 2: The Key Performance Motivator Scale (KPMS) and Discussion Guide

Building on the CORE Foundations eLearning, Module 2 offers managers a simple and insightful tool for learning about what motivates people. The KPMS is aimed at the most common employee-motivators; key items that have proven links to higher levels of meaning, motivation, engagement and overall performance.

The KPMS was developed to help managers and employees alike, identify and connect with the things that motivate and engage them most, as they carry out their work. The KPMS is complete with a detailed instruction and discussion guide.

The discussion manual offers a step-by-step conversation guide to help managers and employees enhance connection to key performance motivators; to create greater meaning, engagement and overall practice- performance at work and on the job.

To improve meaning, motivation and performance at work, managers will:

  • Learn about the KPMS;
  • Understand the connection between meaning and motivation;
  • Make the link between motivators, engagement and higher performance;
  • Learn about the 15 Key Performance Motivators;
  • Identify their own key performance motivators and the meaning they hold;
  • Understand where at work they are most engaged, and why;
  • Learn about employee motivators and the meaning they hold;
  • Understand how to make important links to motivators and the work environment and;
  • Understand how to support and reinforce greater meaning and higher levels of team member motivation and engagement.

Module 3: Live, Online Group Coaching and Practice Integration Support

Live, online and interactive, Module 3 builds on and reinforces the leadership knowledge and practice strategies provided in CORE Foundations and the KPMS module.

The coaching session offers managers opportunity to review, discuss and practice the integration of both CORE Foundations and KPMS modules. A high-level overview of key learnings is provided and participants have time to share their understanding and application of key program strategies.

A Certified Responsive Leadership Coach will guide an interactive discussion on successes, challenges and offer support for practice and integration planning.

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