About Us 

We Believe That 

Meaning is the most positive and powerful source of motivation and well-being. 

When people experience work and life as meaningful, they are better overall and, they do their absolute best.

Our Vision 

To make work and life meaningful for everyone. 

Our Mission 

We are a leadership-focused company that empowers organizations and their people to strengthen connections, maximize meaning and optimize efficiencies. We succeed by delivering innovative and scalable products and services designed to achieve greater results. 

Our Guiding Values 

At Brivia, values are more than just words on a wall. 

Our values serve to guide all interactions and, dictate our conduct as we carry out the work, with each other and with the important people and organizations we serve.  

The Brivia values are:


Compassion, humility and kindness are critical for honouring the diversity, dignity and worth of all people.


Valued partnerships and successful collaborations are built on care, meaningful connections and trust.


Integrity and accountability are essential for owning commitments and living our values, towards continuous strengths-focused learning and growth.


Exceptional value and meaning fuel our pursuit to achieve better for everyone.