Our Approach  

Brivia’s approach to optimizing the motivation, well-being and performance of people, teams and whole organizations is unlike any other method available.  

All programs, products and services are constructed from and/or built around the research and life’s work of Stephen de Groot. This work has been simplified, summarized and is referred to as the Getting to Better ™ Blueprint

The Getting to Better ™ Blueprint (G2BP) holds a series of perspectives about humans, meaning, motivation, optimal functioning, healing, growth and resilience and, more importantly, it outlines the conditions and dynamics required for all people to survive, succeed and thrive.  

The Brivia team draws upon the G2BP to construct simple, practical and immediately impactful tools, strategies and programs that can be operationalized anywhere at work and in life.  

Three approaches with great impact are referred to as CORE, Responsive Leadership and Responsive Practice. The CORE programs have been developed and utilized in corporate/business sectors whereas, Responsive programs have been designed for and implemented, with great success, in the human services.  

What is CORE for Business? 

Constructed from the Getting to Better ™ Blueprint, CORE is the most effective and efficient approach to preferred behaviour change and optimal human functioning/performance we’ve ever developed.  

The acronym CORE simplifies and represents the fundamental principles and priorities of the approach. CORE stands for Compassionate Opportunity for Responsive Efficiency.  

Compassionate embodies the relations-oriented, human-centric and values driven aspect of the approach. Opportunity emphasizes that, every moment is an opportunity to search for, enhance, and sustain deeply meaningful experiences. Responsive is at the heart of the model and, refers to one’s ability to respond accurately to an individual, group and or whole organizations’ needs, values, goals and strengths (CORE 4). Efficiency is not a goal, but a biproduct of the approach itself.  

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What is Responsive Leadership for Human Services? 

Responsive Leadership draws from the Getting to Better ™ Blueprint and is based on the highly acclaimed Sage Publication, Responsive Leadership in Social Services (de Groot 2015). 

Built on solid research and decades of practice wisdom, Responsive Leadership equips all leaders and their organizations with simple and practical strategies designed to maximize employee motivation, engagement and performance towards better outcomes, for themselves and the clients they serve.  

Responsive Leadership is one of the most holistic, human-centered, relations-oriented, values-led and strengths-based approaches to leadership in the human services, ever developed. 

The approach supports and reinforces parallel practice (leader-member-client) and is perfectly in-line with the “what”, “why” and “how” way of working all human service organizations want for their leaders, their people and their clients.  

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