Stephen de Groot

President and Co-Founder

Stephen has maintained a very simple and determined mission his entire life; to make better the lives of as many people possible. He has dedicated his life’s work to optimizing human potential towards the greatest possible outcomes, for everyone.

Steve is past President of Myriad Consulting, author of Responsive Practice and Responsive Leadership and founder of the Getting to Better Initiative.

As an author, international speaker and performance development facilitator Steve, has worked with and learned from more than 40,000 of the most amazing and “challenging” people and, has achieved and exceeded expected outcomes with more than 250 organizations world-wide.

His career as a professor of human behavior combined with extensive practice experience, across a myriad of human service and business sectors, places Steve in a unique league. He is more than a thought leader. His passion for achieving and sustaining positive outcomes, drives his chase to design and develop the most effective, efficient and sustainable people-practices ever.

The Getting to Better Blueprint, the Responsive and CORE practice approaches are a result of Steve’s relentless pursuit to co-construct greater meaning and better for people in every aspect of their lives

Stephen de Groot prides himself on prioritizing and operationalizing the Brivia values of Respect, Relationship, Responsibility and, he absolutely loves getting Results. He has an exceptional track record demonstrating and exceeding amazing outcomes; consistently maximizing meaning, motivation and optimizing human functioning and performance towards good, to great, to miraculous!